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this was made in 2014


I made stick battles the moment the DSi was release, but I never post them because I was a child when I made them.

Also, I lost my original SD card that have ALL of my old DSi flipnotes and imports because of my carelessness.
Because of that, I had lost literally everything I had... and I can't get them back.
And my backup card is corrupted, leaving with this flipnote as the only survivor of all the corrupted files.
When I look back at them, I feel incredibly nostalgic.

I use to go under the name ひろやゎみっェョーぬ, but now I go under You Ong.


After a long time in absence, I have come back.

Animated since 2016, semi-retired by late-2017 and back into action in 2019.

Was also Alliance in 2018.

hyun's dojo: http://hyunsdojo.com/user.php?u=alliance

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